Project: Communication and validation of smart data in IoT-networks

Acronym 17IND02 SmartCom (Reference Number: 17IND02)
Duration 01/06/2018 - 31/05/2021
Project Topic The Internet of Things (IoT) is the common term for the fast-growing global network of WiFi-enabled smart devices and computers. For the increasing number of networked measurement devices used in science and industry, reliable interoperability is a key issue: without a shared, universal communications format, incorrectly interpreted and unsecure digital data pose significant risks to users of measurement data.This project will define a digital format for the secure transmission and unambiguous interpretation of measurement-related data used in science and technology; devices adopting the new communications protocol would, for example, have to employ International System units. Demonstration measurement systems will be set up to validate the new digital communication format, along with the development of secure digital calibration certificates for IoT-connected measurement devices. With guidelines developed from this project, international standards organisations and industry will be able to adopt a secure and reliable communications format in the Digital Age.
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Network EMPIR
Call EMPIR Call 2017

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Coordinator Germany
2 Cesky Metrologicky Institut Partner Czech Republic
3 NPL Management Limited Partner United Kingdom
4 Univerza v Mariboru Partner Slovenia
5 Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö sr Partner Finland
6 Ostfalia Hochschule fur angewandte Wissenschaften Hochschule Braunschweig Wolfenbuttel Partner Germany
7 Tallinna Tehnikaulikool Partner Estonia
8 Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale Partner Italy
9 Hexagon Metrology GmbH Observer Germany
10 Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science Observer Korea, Republic of
11 Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH Observer Germany
12 National Institute of Metrology - NIM Observer China
13 Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Observer Germany
14 Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH Observer Germany