CORE Organic

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming

Basic Information


CORE Organic is a 3-year Coordination Action in organic food and farming, initially comprising 11 partners, but open to include all countries. The overall objective of CORE Organic is to gather the critical mass and enhance quality, relevance and utilisation of resources in European research in organic food and farming. It is the goal to have established a joint pool of at least 3 million per year by the end of the project. This will be accomplished through 4 specific objectives: 1) Increased exchange of information and establishment of a common open web based archive. 2) Coordination of existing research and integration of knowledge. 3) Sharing and developing best practice for evaluating organic research. 4) Identification and coordination of future research. During objective 1 and 2, a common Internet portal for exchange of information, and common databases will be build up, a thorough description of the current situation in participating states and the institutions in organic farming research will be produced, and mapping and analysis of existing research programmes, activities and facilities will be carried out. The result of the two first objectives will be the identification of barriers, gaps and possibilities for increased cooperation, identification of new research areas suitable for cooperation, and the development of training schemes for research personnel and experts. Objective 3 will focus on the joint development of best practice of evaluation and quality assurance in new research areas. A set of criteria, as well as a list of excellent experts, for evaluation of projects and programmes, will be developed.Under objective 4, a list of prioritised research topics and plans for future coordination will be developed and a range of procedures for Transnational funding will be agreed. Two joint funding collaborations will be created, including a joint funding collaboration with a pool of at least 9 million per year in the last project year.

Research fields covered by the network

  • Food, agriculture and fisheries

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Joint Calls

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CORE-ORGANIC Pilot Call   01/09/2006   01/12/2006

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Funded: 8