Project: The integrated impacts of marine acidification, temperature and precipitation changes on bivalve coastal biodiversity and fisheries: how to adapt?

AcidBiv’s aim is to analyze the impact of changes in temperature, rainfall and pH on bivalves, and thus contribute to action plans for the fishing industry. Ocean acidification, i.e. reduced pH in water due to higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere, is a major topic for research into climate change. The AcidBiv programme will evaluate the impact of ocean acidification on the growth and calcification of bivalves with a view to proposing appropriate solutions adapted to the environmental threats these molluscs face.

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Network CIRCLE
Call 1st Call - CIRCLE MEDiterranean

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Spanish National Research Council Spain
Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte Tunisia
University of Padua Italy
Centre of Marine Sciences Coordinator Portugal