Climate Impact Research Co-ordination for a Larger Europe

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Climate change impacts have enormous economic implications - at the regional, national and European level (cp. various analysis of re-insurance companies). Impacts of Climate Change do not stop at borders but requires cross-border cooperation in all aspects. CIRCLE-SSA plans to foster such European cross-border cooperation regarding national research activities and taking a crucial look on the topic of socio-economic developments from Climate change impacts. Presently, numerous excellent groups at national level work on Climate Change impacts.

The FP6 funds research projects with European consortia, but there is a strong lack of cooperation between national research programmes on climate change impacts and weak administrative linkages between national research programmes and the FP6. CIRCLE will initiate enhanced cooperation of national programmes within the EU (including the new member states). It will provide a platform for cooperation activities among programmes, establish a sound knowledge base on national activities and prepare the base for a multi-national network of research programmes throughout Europe.

Aim of CIRCLE is the submission of a proposal for an ERA-NET-CA by 2005. Besides the present partners, all European countries, new and associated member states with planned or running national programmes on climate change impact research will be invited to join this initiative.

Long-term objective is a strong network of European research programmes in this field with multi-national joint calls and strong cooperation with the FP7.

To reach this goal, CIRCLE will establish new contacts, arrange conferences and workshops with research programme managers and research policy makers, analyse funding mechanisms and structures for the different national programmes, establish working groups regarding management/financing mechanisms and evaluation structures of programmes, exchange best practices and set up a preliminary database of experts, advisors and evaluators.

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
2nd Call - CIRCLE NORdic one-stage 19/10/2007   10/12/2007

Submitted: 8


Funded: 3

1st Call - CIRCLE MEDiterranean one-stage 11/07/2007   21/10/2007  

Successful: 16

Funded: 8