Project: Assessing and managing the impact of climate change on coastal groundwater resources and dependent ecosystems.

Climwat aims to contribute to the assessment and management of the impact of climate change in coastal groundwater resources and dependent ecosystems. A sustainable groundwater management system. Climwat aims to develop a sustainable groundwater management system that incorporates ecological demands, including climate models that predict the impact of climate change on surface and groundwater resources; groundwater flow and transport models that incorporate sustainable yield and further permit the simulation of the impact of various climate and groundwater extraction scenarios on the evolution of the fresh-saltwater interface; hydrogeochemical models that simulate the processes that occur at fresh/saltwater interface and the evolution of groundwater quality in the aquifer under influence of natural and anthropogenic processes.

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Network CIRCLE
Call 1st Call - CIRCLE MEDiterranean

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Cadi Ayyad University - Faculté des Sciences Semlalia Marrakech Morocco
Centro de GeoSistemas del Instituto Superior Técnico Coordinator Portugal
Technical University of Lisbon Portugal
University of A Coruña - Department Construction Technology Spain
University of Algarve Portugal
University of Lisbon - Centre for Hydrosystems Research Portugal