Project: CLimate change impacts on Insects and their MITigation

The CLIMIT team assessed the combined effects of human-induced changes in climate and habitat (area, isolation, patch quality) on some of Europe’s most specialized and threatened grassland insects that depend on ants (so-called myrmecophiles), comparing the results with other taxa like birds. The researchers studied the insects’ local adaptations, changing niches and different needs across local climates ranging from the Mediterranean to the North/Baltic Seas, in order to: 1. Compare the fates of species that have relationships with ants under different land use change scenarios and their potential to evolve and adapt to new environments; and 2. Test current adaptive management practices to conserve myrmecophiles and mitigate global change impacts.

Acronym CLIMIT
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Call Biodiversity: Linking Scientific Advancement to Policy and Practice

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Natural Environment Research Council - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Partner United Kingdom
Lund University - Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Science Partner Sweden
University of Oxford - Department of Zoology Partner United Kingdom
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Coordinator Germany
University of Turin - Department Of Life Sciences and Systems Biology Partner Italy
National Center for Scientific Research / Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle - Institute of Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity Partner France