European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare

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The European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare (abbreviated EUP AH&W, acronym EUPAHW) will provide society with a sustainable production for both terrestrial and aquatic animals, where infectious animal diseases are prevented and controlled, antimicrobialsare used prudently, and a high level of animal welfare is provided in every phase of animal’s life. The objectives of the EUP AH&W fit in with the European Green Deal and its associated Farm to Fork strategy for a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendlyfood system. From its start, the EUP AH&W includes 56 Research Performing Organizations (RPO) and 30 Funding Organizations (FO) from 24 EU and non-EU European countries. The RPO partners provide significant research-based advice to competent authorities inthe EU and are the backbone of Animal Health & Welfare (AHW) research in Europe. They collaborated to transpose 16 actions from the EUP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (EUP SRIA) into 17 joint internal projects. The FO partners will contribute throughexternal calls to further R&I actions from the EUP SRIA not covered by internal activities as they require other expertise or industry participations. Due to the close link between animal health and welfare and human well-being, the One Health-One Welfareperspective will take a prominent place in the EUP AH&W. The mobilisation of resources from both RPO and FO together with EC co-funding will allow the Partnership to achieve ambitious goals for AHW at the transnational level, in Europe and beyond. New technologiesdevelop rapidly and provide new R&I opportunities for AHW, to be included in the EUP AH&W as joint internal activities and projects initiated through external calls. The management will set up appropriate procedures and methodologies to ensure a fair coverageof AHW, of terrestrial and aquatic animal species, the various priority areas and to ensure the uptake of the results in the midterm (outcomes) and long term (impact) for science, society and policy.

H2020 Societal Challenges

HORIZON C6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

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  • Food, agriculture and fisheries

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Joint Calls

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Supporting the Future of Animal Health and Welfare two-stages 08/05/2024 08/07/2024 04/02/2025 30/06/2025