2016: ERA-NET Cofund & CSA

Work Programmes for the years 2016/17 have been published by the European Commission on 14 October 2015 here.
Please find the P2P specific topics in the table below.

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WP 2016

Topic identifier & Title Instrument Budget Call closure
Excellent Science
Future and Emerging Technologies
FETPROACT-03-2016: FET ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies ERA-NET Cofund 10M€ 12 Apr 2016
FETFLAG-01-2016: Partnering environment for FET flagships ERA-NET Cofund 8M€ 1 Mar 2016
Industrial Leadership
Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
NMBP-11-2016: ERA-NET on Nanomedicine ERA-NET Cofund 30M€ 21 Jan 2016
NMBP-21-2016: ERA-NET on manufacturing technologies supporting industry and particularly SMEs in the global competition 21 Jan 2016
BIOTEC-01-2016: ERA-NET Cofund on Biotechnologies 21 Jan 2016
Innovation in SME
Societal Challenges
SC1 - Health, demographic change and wellbeing
HCO-04-2016: Towards globalisation of the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial resistance [RTD] CSA 2M€ 13 Apr 2016
HCO-06-2016: Towards an ERA-NET for building sustainable and resilient health system models [RTD] CSA 2M€ 13 Apr 2016
PM-05-2016: The European Human Biomonitoring Initiative [RTD] EJP Cofund 50M€ 13 Apr 2016
SC2 - Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy
SFS-19-2016: ERANET COFUND: Public-Public Partnerships in the bioeconomy
A. Organic farming and food production
B. Sustainable food production and consumption
C. A knowledge platform for the intestinal microbiome
ERA-NET Cofund 15M€ 17 Feb 2016
SFS-25-2016: Support Action to a common agricultural and wider bioeconomy research agenda CSA 1-2M€ 17 Feb 2016
SFS-41-2016: EU -Africa Research and Innovation partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture ERA-NET Cofund 10M€ 17 Feb 2016
BG-5-2016: ERA-NET Cofund on marine technologies ERA-NET Cofund 10M€ 17 Feb 2016
SC3 - Secure, clean and efficient energy
EE-21-2016: ERA-NET Cofund actions supporting Joint Actions towards increasing energy efficiency in industry and services ERA-NET Cofund 5M€ 15 Sep 2016
LCE-26-2016: Cross-thematic ERA-NET on Applied Geosciences ERA-NET Cofund 10M€ 5 Apr 2016
LCE-34-2016: Joint Actions towards the demonstration and validation of innovative energy solutions ERA-NET Cofund 30.8M€ 4 Apr 2016
SC4 - Smart, green and integrated transport
GV-12-2016. ERA-NET Co-fund on electromobility ERA-NET Cofund 10M€ 26 Jan 2016
SC5 - Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
SC5-11-2016: Supporting international cooperation activities on water CSA 2M€ 8 Mar 2016
SC5-12-2016: Food systems and water resources for the development of inclusive, sustainable and healthy Euro-Mediterranean societies CSA 2M€ 26 Jan 2016
SC5-17-2016: ERA-NET Cofund on Raw materials ERA-NET Cofund 5M€ 8 Mar 2016
SC5-28-2016: Transformations to sustainability ERA-NET Cofund 3M€ 8 Mar 2016
SCC-04-2016: Sustainable urbanisation ERA-NET Cofund 5M€ 8 Mar 2016
SC6 - Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies
REV-INEQUAL-2016-3: Dynamics of inequalities across the life-course ERA-NET Cofund 5M€ 4 Feb 2016
OTH 30. COST (p.137) Specific Grant Agreements 20.68M€ 2016 and 2017
Spreading excellence and widening participation
WIDESPREAD-2-2016: Support to JPI Urban Europe CSA 1.25M€ 4 Feb 2016
OTH-2: COST (p.22) Specific Grant Agreements 20.28M€ 2016 and 2017
Science with and for society
SwafS-2-2016: ERA-NET Cofund - Promoting Gender equality in H2020 and the ERA ERA-NET Cofund

5M€ 30 Aug 2016