Evaluation results

The outcome of the evaluation is either a list of proposals suitable for funding or recommended ranking list, which order the proposals according to the defined criteria.

Advice for Co-funded European Partnerships: See below advice for ERA-NET COFUND. In addition, data of submitted and selected projects needs to be transferred to the central EC database.

Advice for ERA-NET COFUND: For the cofunded call a 2-step procedure and a binding ranking list are used to enable the funding of the best proposals. It is recommended to have all budgetary modifications and amendments completed and prepared for the selection meeting, since any later alterations in the national budgets influences the EC contribution.

Flexibility concerning the ranking of equally scored projects exists. Therefore it is advisable to agree in the selection meeting on the distribution of the EC top-up funding. More details see “funding of projects

The ERA-NET COFUND consortium must submit to the EC the following documents:

  1. The ranking list(s) of the projects
  2. The observers' report on the evaluation
  3. The joint selection of the projects to be funded
  4. From each consortium partner (funding organization) participating in the co-funded call, a formal and duly signed commitment on availability of funds for the selected projects
  5. Information on each project selected for funding, including data on each participant (principal investigator) as well as abstracts of the project proposals.