Overlaps with other calls

The timing of a call will have to take into account other calls aimed at the same targets. Similarities may occur with respect to:

  • Eligible organisations
  • Participating countries
  • Thematic focus
  • Other focus (e.g. SMEs)

The planning of the timeline does not need any specific coordination between and among calls if the targets of your particular call are quite specific.

An overlap of the corresponding phases of different calls shall be avoided if the targets are clearly overlapping to a large extent. In this case the applicants will interpret these as similar calls and base their choice for a particular call on their own criteria. The same target group may however appreciate staggered options for submitting their proposals, therefore a call may benefit from being in out of phase with a similar call.

On the other hand an overlap of the time frame with other calls may even be desirable in order to avoid double submissions or double funding. This implies that the two call managements cooperate effectively.

One aspect of call planning in which mutual influence of calls cannot be considered is the agreement on a time frame before the data of other calls become available, or if the developed timeframe is the only feasible option.

The planning of call time frames usually requires trade-offs between the agencies involved and any later change of this time frame may be a step back in the process.

Forward planning and a timely entry into the call calendar database are encouraged and will contribute to a better coordination.