Call schedule and milestones

In order to agree on a common time frame at the network level the funding agencies have to consider the following issues:

  • Legal constraints (minimum time required by national/regional law for each phase of the call)
  • Operational constraints of programme managers (minimum time required for performing each of the single tasks)
  • National/regional programme schedules
  • Expected number of proposals and the time required to manage the workload
  • National checks of adherence of proposals to national requirements; eligibility check.
  • Evaluation procedures are the most influencing operational and legal factors on the call timeline, since they represent the most critical constraints set by all agencies of the network
  • Timing of funding decisions

The resulting minimum time frame is the basis for a definite schedule to be further elaborated during the preparation phase.

The overall time frame of a call is determined by the individual steps involved in the call procedure as the following call milestones need to be arranged:

  • Launch 
  • Deadline for pre-proposal submission (if a 2-step procedure is chosen)
  • Availability of pre-proposal assessment results
  • Feedback to applicants and invitation to full proposal phase
  • Deadline full proposal submission (or the only one in case of 1-step submission procedure)
  • Availability of eligibility checks and evaluation results 2nd stage
  • Availability of ranking list and recommendations
  • Dates of funding decisions
  • Any meeting required for the call execution

A typical example for positioning milestones of a cofunded call are available for download here.

Advice for Co-funded European Partnerships: The calls must remain open for at least 2 months and must be published on the Funding & Tenders Portal, and on the beneficiaries’ websites.The timing of the call should be aligned with the reporting periods for the Grant Agreement in order to have the cash flow available at the appropriate time

Advice for ERA-NET COFUND: It is advisable to launch the cofunded call as early as possible in order to complete all funded projects and final payments before the end of the 60 months ERA-NET COFUND contract. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the consortium must inform the EC 30 days before about launching the call, and the first step of the call (for pre-proposals) must be open for at least 60 days.

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