Who can participate?

ERA-NET Cofund actions support coordination and collaboration between Member States and their research and innovation programmes. Consequently participation in these actions is limited to entities that can fully participate in joint calls and other actions between national and regional programmes. Participants in ERA-NET Cofund actions must be research funders: legal entities owning or managing public research and innovation programmes.

In this regard programme owners are typically national/regional ministries/authorities responsible for defining, financing or managing research programmes carried out at national or regional level. Programme 'managers' are typically research councils or funding agencies or other national or regional organisations that implement research programmes under the supervision of the programme owners.

The participation of programme managers including governmental research organisations has to be mandated by the national/regional authorities in charge (normally the responsible Ministry).

The minimum conditions for participation (three independent legal entities from three different Member States or associated countries) have to be fulfilled by the entities participating in the joint trans-national call for proposals.

Any third country can in principle participate in the co-funded call as well as in the other activities including additional joint calls without co-funding. The standard H2020 rules apply for the funding of the third countries.

Sole participants may be eligible if the above-mentioned specific conditions for eligible ERA-NET Cofund partners are satisfied. A sole participant forming a sole legal entity shall explicitly indicate which of its 'members' are either programme owners or programme managers in the proposed action, and indicate for these members the respective national/regional programmes which are at the disposal of the proposed ERA-NET Cofund action.

Only in addition to the minimum conditions, and if justified by the nature of the action, programmes funded by other entities (international programmes, foundations or other non-public programmes) may participate.

More information is available here:

the General Annexes to the Work Programme 2018-2020 and additional specific provisions for ERA-NET Cofund (Page 11 of General Annexes)