Updates on ERA-NET Cofund and EJP Cofund

The model for the certificate on the financial statements was extended with a section dedicated to ERA-NET Cofund actions. Part F of the model is related to the costs providing financial support to ERA-NET Cofund Third Parties meaning the final beneficiaries of the funded trans-national projects. Section G is related to the direct coordination costs of additional activities and shows the auditor how to verify the number of units claimed under unit costs. Read more details here. 

In the Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AGA) new and updated annotations concerning ERA-NET Cofund and EJP Cofund have been published. The annotations clarify frequently asked questions such as e.g. when a new beneficiary can be added, when an amendment is needed, the administration of payments to the final recipients or how to deal with beneficiaries implementing trans-national projects (See page 635ff for ERA-NET Cofund, 716ff for EJP Cofund)

Published : 10/07/2019