Updated EC Guidelines for Submission and Integration of Partnership Data

The European Commission has updated its guidelines for "Submission and Integration of Partnerships Data XML FILE" to version 2.5. Compared to the previous version (2.4, dated October 2022), the document has been revised following the feedback received by the Commission from the Partnerships during the last months.

The aim was to further clarify some parts of the data upload process. In addition, Annex 1 with the list of SFTP users has been updated to include "EGDR_METROLOGY" (an Article 185 partnership). The most significant update is the addition of the "Partnership XSD template v1.0.xlsx" file as Annex 2. This file contains descriptive information on the requested data for projects and proposals, e.g. field types, code lists, mandatory field indication, description, valid field codes, etc., providing a business-oriented view of the XSD templates for the non-technical audience.

The new version of the templates takes into account the following minor changes from the previous version

  • The code "Metrology" has been added to the enumeration "PartnershipName" for projects and proposals.
  • No impact for other users.

Download the templates for "Submission and Integration of Partnerships Data"

Published : 26/06/2024