Thematic partnership workshop in Brussels

The ERA-LEARN “Thematic partnership workshop: Towards Horizon Europe” will take place from 15 to 16 May 2019 in Brussels.

The workshop aims to connect networks thematically and to foster cooperation between all types of partnerships. Network representatives will discuss the ERA-LEARN thematic analysis and the transition of European partnerships to Horizon Europe.

Discussions will be based on five analysis papers prepared by the consortium focusing on thematic clusters as well as a synthesis report:

  • Cluster Health
  • Cluster Inclusive and Secure Societies
  • Cluster Digital and Industry
  • Cluster Climate, Energy, Mobility
  • Cluster Food and Natural Resources

These reports are already available on the ERA-LEARN website.

Find all information about our workshop on twitter: #EraLearnWS

Presentations are avilable for download.


Published : 13/05/2019