Report on Partnership Stakeholder Forum 2023

The second Partnership Stakeholder Forum was organised by European Commission and ERA-LEARN and took place in Brussels, 5-6 December 2023. The event attracted more than 250 people that were able to take part in several workshops that addressed important topics namely, synergies between Partnerships and Missions, experiences, achievements and needs of the European partnerships based on the HE interim evaluation, the additionality and directionality of European Partnerships as well as openness and transparency and developing a coherent Partnership portfolio. At the same time, the future of partnerships was also discussed in detail both in terms of their selection process and their design under FP10 considering also their internationalisation and global links under the spectrum of strategic autonomy for the EU.

The final Report on the Stakeholder Forum 2023 is now available for download.

Published : 05/02/2024