Political agreement on the Single Basic Act

After an agreement was reached on the text of the Single Basic Act (SBA), the umbrella regulation for the Joint Undertakings (JU) in Horizon Europe in the Council Working Group on Research (representatives of the member states) at the end of September, the European Parliament adopted its position on the SBA on 21 October 2021 . This paves the way for formal adoption of the SBA by the Council at the end of November.

Following the publication of the SBA in the Official Journal in early December, the SBA will enter into force. After that, the founding members can/must sign the letters of commitment required by the SBA so that the new JUs can be constituted at the first meetings of the respective governing boards planned for December. It is planned that the Governing Boards will then release the work plans for 2022 and 2023 in the beginning of next year, so that the first calls for proposals can be published thereafter.

With the launch of the JUs at the end of the year and the publication of the first calls for proposals, the various preparatory processes that were started in spring 2019 are coming to an end and attention will shift to the implementation processes of the JUs.

For more information please consult the official press release of the European Parliament or refer to the Science Business Website

Published : 28/10/2021