Partnerships in Horizon Europe

A common understanding was reached between the Romanian presidency of the Council and the European Parliament on the majority of the operative provisions of Horizon Europe. The common understanding published on 27th March 2019 confirms the new policy approach on partnerships. Particularly interesting are the areas for possible institutionalised European partnerships to be established under Article 185 or Article 187 TFEU, which might be implemented by more than one partnership:

  1. Faster development and safer use of health innovations for European patients, and global health.
  2. Advancing key digital and enabling technologies and their use, including but not limited to novel technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, photonics and quantum technologies.
  3. European leadership in Metrology including an integrated Metrology system.
  4. Accelerate competitiveness, safety and environmental performance of EU air traffic, aviation and rail.
  5. Sustainable, inclusive and circular bio-based solutions.
  6. Hydrogen and sustainable energy storage technologies with lower environmental footprint and less energy-intensive production.
  7. Clean, connected, cooperative, autonomous and automated solutions for future mobility demands of people and goods.
  8. Innovative and R&D intensive small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Published : 12/04/2019