Open Research Europe (ORE) open to Partnership projects

Open Research Europe is an open access publishing platform for the publication of research stemming from Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and/or Euratom funding across all subject areas. The platform makes it easy for beneficiaries to comply with the open access terms of their funding and offers researchers a publishing venue to share their results and insights rapidly and facilitate open, constructive research discussion.

The European Commission has recently opened the platform to allow researchers from European Partnership projects to publish on Open Research Europe. Open Research Europe enables researchers to publish any research they wish to share, supporting reproducibility, transparency and impact.

More information can be found on the Open Research Europe website and twitter pofile.

In addition, ERA-NET Cofund ForestValue organised a webinar where Ruth Fisher, Editor at Open Research Europe, talks about the European Commission's open science platform. You can watch the full recording of the webinar on Youtube.

Published : 19/10/2022