New Documents concerning Partnerships in Horizon Europe available

ERAC endorsed at its Plenary in Brussels on 6 December 2018 the final report of the ad-hoc Working Group on Partnerships and discussed two documents presented by the Commission Services. ERAC welcomed the proposed criteria framework further defining and operationalising the criteria from Annex III, and the strategic coordinating process for Partnerships, including the setting up of a "Forum for R&I partnerships", starting with a transitional phase in 2019/20, and the idea for the co-chairmanship. It will provide advice and input to Commission and Member States/Associated countries with the objective to ensure transparent and evidence-based selection of partnerships to rationalise their landscape and maximise their impacts, support the effective and efficient implementation, monitoring and phasing out of partnerships throughout their lifecycle and provide strategic guidance on the overall policy approach and the future objectives and composition of the partnership portfolio.

The documents are available for download: 

The final report of the ERAC working group on partnerships

Discussion paper by the Commission on "the strategic coordinating process for partnerships under
Horizon Europe"

Proposal by the Commission on the "Draft criteria Framework for European Partnerships under
Horizon Europe"

Published : 07/12/2018