European Partnerships under the Second Strategic Plan

The European Commission has adopted the second Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe on 20 March 2024. The Strategic Plan integrates the EU's overarching policy priorities with Horizon Europe's research and innovation activities as set out in the Horizon Europe Work Programmes. The Strategic Plan has been developed in partnership with Member States and Associated Countries, and has included public consultation.

According to the Strategic Plan, more than EUR 65 billion has been committed to European Partnerships to date: EUR 24.8 billion from Horizon Europe and EUR 35.6 billion from non-EU partners. More than 65% of the total amount has been provided by the private sector. Partnerships under Pillar II have so far accounted for 39.7% of the Pillar's total budget.

The following co-programmed and co-funded European Partnerships have been identified for the second Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe. They will appear in the Horizon Europe Work Programmes, subject to the selection criteria being met at the time of adoption of the Work Programmes. Otherwise, the priority will be addressed through traditional calls for proposals.

Co-funded European Partnerships

  • Brain Health
  • Forests and Forestry for a Sustainable Future
  • Raw Materials for the Green and Digital Transition
  • Resilient Cultural Heritage
  • Social Transformations and Resilience

Co-programmed European Partnerships

  • Innovative Materials for the EU
  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Textiles of the Future
  • Virtual Worlds

While co-funded and co-programmed European Partnerships are covered in the Strategic Plan, institutionalised European Partnerships require a separate legal base and are therefore not covered by the plan.

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Published : 21/03/2024