BREXIT does not affect cooperation with UK partners in Horizon 2020 partnerships

This means that UK beneficiaries involved in ERA-NET Cofund actions and other types of partnerships will continue to receive EU funding in Horizon 2020 projects on the same terms as partners from EU Member States. This applies to both funding organisations co-financing transnational calls and project partners implementing transnational projects. Projects that continue to run after the formal completion of Horizon 2020 on 31 December 2020 will receive funding until the projects' end date.

A very limited number of projects may be affected by possible restrictions applied to participation in projects security-related activities and sensitive information.

For more detailed information on BREXIT and continued UK participation in H2020 (although not specifically related to partnerships) see the factsheet published by UKRO.

Uncertainty about British association with Horizon Europe

Whether the UK will join the new framework programme, Horizon Europe, as an associated country is still uncertain and must be clarified in the forthcoming negotiations between the UK and the EU. The aim is to conclude these negotiations by 2020. Full association would mean that UK funding organisations as well as project partners would continue to be eligible for funding in partnerships on the same terms as beneficiaries from EU Member States.

An association of the UK to Horizon Europe is of mutual interest to the UK and the EU. Uncertainties regarding the outcome of the negotiations, do however pose a challenge to long-term planning regarding funding of UK entities in partnerships in Horizon Europe. Moreover, there is a risk that an agreement on research and innovation will not be in place in time for the start of Horizon Europe in January 2021. In the absence of an association agreement, British funding organisations and project partners would continue to be eligible to participate in partnerships as third country participants but would lose their automatic eligibility for funding.

Published : 27/02/2020