Academy of Finland: European Partnerships are Key Funding Opportunities

The Academy of Finland published a report on European Partnerships. The report looks at Horizon 2020 and its ERA-NET programmes, Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), the European Joint Programme (EJP) Cofund and Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) as well as at funding calls by independent international funder networks. The report includes an analysis of financial data and data from a number of surveys sent to representatives of research services at universities, higher education institutions and research institutes and to the Academy officials responsible for the partnerships.

Based on the responses to the survey for research services, both partnership calls and calls for consortium projects in the framework programme are key funding opportunities for research organisations. The respondents regarded the research funded through these calls as important or very important. The partnership calls were seen as administratively easier for applicant organisations compared to consortium project calls. Research organisations reported that partnership projects promote research cooperation with non-EU countries more effectively than consortium projects.

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Published : 27/10/2020