Session 1: Health

Session 1: Health

Moderator: Cornelius Schmaltz, Head of Strategy Unit, Directorate Health, DG RTD

The sessions aims

  • to present practical examples of impact achieved by Public-Public Partnerships in the Health challenge
  • to facilitate the exchange of experience between P2P networks in the Health challenge
  • to help elaborate the framework for assessing impacts and identify opportunities to maximise impact and its visibility


1. Introduction to the session – the role of P2Ps in the Health challenge and evolution since FP6

2. Short presentations on impacts achieved from the following networks (5 min each)

3. Panel Discussion along the following guiding questions:

  • How can networks and organisations improve the collection of evidence on impacts, both at national / European policy level?
  • How can they increase the visibility of impacts and the take-up of results, both at national or EU policy levels?
  • Which aspects of the impact assessment should be organised in a coordinated or centralised fashion, and by whom?
  • Are there specific issues related to the Health challenge that need to be taken into account for the overall Impact Assessment Framework, and if yes which?

4. Open discussion with the audience

5. Wrap-up and conclusions

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