Topic 4: Internationalisation of Public-Public Partnerships beyond Europe


The European Union is a world leader in research and innovation but more and more research and innovation is performed beyond Europe. The increasing number of internationally co-authored scientific publications shows that research and innovation are strongly interlinked internationally. Furthermore, global challenges are important drivers for research and innovation and have to be tackled in a common effort as climate change and infectious diseases do not stop at national borders.

Consequently cooperating with partners beyond Europe becomes increasingly important for P2P networks. However, in practice it is not always easy to identify suitable cooperation partners, to build a working basis despite large distances, or to find a common approach across cultures. Nevertheless, there are already a number of P2P networks with some experiences in international participation which can serve as practical examples when considering a network expansion to other continents.

Likewise, there is also an increasing number of third countries which are actively engaging in cooperation with European communities and step up their participation in P2P networks.

This workshop aims to introduce practical examples of such networks and countries and facilitate a discussion on approaches to international cooperation and related benefits.



  • To present  practical examples of P2P networks with international participation
  • To facilitate the exchange of experience on how to establish and support cooperation with funding organisations from e.g. America, Africa or Asia
  • To identify challenges, obstacles and benefits of Public-Public Partnerships beyond Europe
  • To help elaborate opportunities for cooperation beyond Europe



16h00-16h10: Introduction (Roland Brandenburg, FFG), Background (Ralf König, FFG)

16h10-16h40: Practical examples of networks with international participation (Moderator: Olaf Heilmayer, DLR

16h40-17h45: Roundtable Discussion (Moderator: Ralf König, FFG)

with the P2P speakers, additional country representatives and active involvement of the audience

  • New Zealand; Speaker: Mr. Bruce McCallum, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, New Zealand
  • Belmont Forum; Speaker: Patrick Monfray, Co-chair, Belmont Forum, ANR, France
  • Canada; Speaker: Michael Willmott, Mission of Canada to the European Union
  • Art 185: EDCTP; Speaker: Lara Pandya, EDCTP
  • JPI Water; Speaker: Dominique Darmendrail, ANR
  • ERA-NET LAC; Speaker: Marianne Vaske, DLR