Topic 3: Strategies for fostering open knowledge and open access in research


It is widely acknowledged that open knowledge policies including open access to research publications, research results, and research data contribute to better and more efficient science and to innovation in the public and private sectors. The European Commission therefore encouraged all EU Member States to put public-funded research results in the public sphere in order to make science better and strengthen their knowledge-based economy.  For P2Ps an incorporation of open knowledge policies may help to enhance the way researchers collaborate and knowledge is shared. P2Ps may have a distinct role concerning the provision of access not only to research results but also research data and research infrastructures in the area concerned. Thereby, access and re-use of data, infrastructures and tools can be granted more easily and at a reasonable cost, which ultimately can accelerate uptake of new knowledge and foster innovation. 


As open knowledge and open access strategies are deemed to be critical issues that also need to be addressed by P2Ps in order to increase dissemination and take-up of research results, we want to review and discuss about objectives, approaches, benefits and challenges of open access and open knowledge policies amongst P2Ps. 


09:30 – 09:40 Welcome and Introduction

09:40 – 11:15 Presentations and moderated discussion