Zero-emission waterborne transport

European Partnership on zero-emission waterborne transport

Basic Information


The Partnership will provide and demonstrate zero-emission solutions for all main ship types and services before 2030, which will enable zero-emission waterborne transport before 2050.
In addition, the Partnership will:

- Develop and demonstrate deployable technological solutions which will be applicable for the decarbonisation and the elimination of other harmfull emissions of main ship types and services;
- Facilitate the implementation of economically viable European new technologies and concepts regarding zero-emission waterborne transport, to strengthen the competitiveness of european industries in growing green ship technology markets and provide the capability to re-enter markets presently dominated by Europe’s competitors;
- Facilitate the development and implementation of regulations and policies at national and international level, including the development of standards to enable the implementation of technological solutions for zero-emission waterborne transport by 2030 at the latest;
- Facilitate the uptake of innovative zero-emission waterborne transport technologies and solutions within the European waterborne sector, supporting economic growth and european employment.

Research call topics are announced annually by the European Commission. These topics are based upon expert input and public consultations undertaken by the Waterborne TP.

H2020 Societal Challenges

HORIZON C5: Climate, Energy and Mobility

Research fields covered by the network

  • Energy
  • Transport

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