Project: Tall timber facades, identification of cost-effective and resilient envelopes for wood constructions

With an increasing height of timber buildings the challenge is growing to provide moisture safe conditions for the expected lifetime of building envelopes. tall buildings are particularly exposed to high wind pressures combined with driving rain. Additionally, big buildings require longer times of construction in which the structural elements are especially exposed to moisture. Last but not least inspection, maintenance and repair possibilities are limited in high rise structures. Compared to fire safety and static demands, the risk of moisture damages today is dramatically underestimated in planning and building processes and in quality management. Although statistics of construction damages clearly show the high amount of moisture related failure of the building shell resulting in the immense economic loss of e.g. 5% of total annual investment in new buildings in Norway. this may also lead to an image risk for timber buildings, if damages will increase in future. therefore ‘semi-probabilistic safety concepts’, similar to those in static calculations, are necessary to prevent damage caused by inappropriate reaction of construction to climate exposure. the main objective of the project is to facilitate the confident design of durable and therefore cost-effective design solutions for tall timber facades by the collection of existing knowledge how to construct moisture-safe buildings (best practice detail catalogue and state of standardization). Best practice is maintained by an evaluation of those solutions e.g. with hygrothermal simulation. the moisture safe design will be supported by a risk based tool taking into account exposure and vulnerability of facade systems consistently.

Acronym TallFacades (Reference Number: n/a)
Duration 01/12/2013 - 30/06/2017
Project Topic Timber construction
Project Results
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Network WoodWisdom-Net+
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 TU München Coordinator Germany
2 Rubner Holzbau GmbH Partner Germany
3 Eternit AG Partner Germany
4 SINTEF Building and Infrastructure Partner Norway
5 NTNU Trondheim Partner Norway
6 Isola AS Partner Norway
7 Overhalla Industrier AS Partner Norway
8 SP Wood Technology Partner Sweden
9 Moelven Modular buildings AB Partner Sweden
10 Martinsons Building Systems Partner Sweden
11 FCBA Technological Institute Partner France