Project: Combining remote sensing with in-situ sensing to track the spatial and temporal in fresh and transitional waters

Acronym Sense and Purify, SPy (Reference Number: WaterJPI-JC-2018_14)
Project Topic SENSE AND PURIFY will transform water treatment by developing an integrated device that measures the organic and pathogen contaminants present in real waste water (URV, UWC, NU, DCU) then destroys recalcitrant organics and pathogens using a “wireless” advanced oxidation strategy (DCU, NU, UWC) and confirms the quality of the treated water (URV, NU, DCU). Unlike all existing approaches where reactive species capable of destroying organics and bacteria occurs only at an electrode surface, our approach creates highly destructive/energetic radicals throughout the entire volume of the waste water stream dramatically decreasing the time required to destroy the impurities and ensuring the production of clean water. This eco-innovative TRL 4/5 technology brings together key recent advances by team members to create significant advantages including lower capital, operations and maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption, higher conversion efficiency, easier operation, better effluent water quality, and lower waste production. To accelerate and enhance its industry relevance, we will demonstrate the industrial utility of the approach by creating a waste water treatment reactor for the local purification of production water in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as treating municipal water.
Network WaterWorks2017
Call Water JPI 2018 Joint Call Closing the Water Cycle Gap

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Dublin City University, National Centre for Sensor Research Coordinator Ireland
2 University of the Western Cape Partner South Africa
3 Universitat Rovira i Virgili Partner Spain
4 daniel montserrat Partner Spain