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Water Joint Programming Initiative Water Challenges for a Changing World

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Innovation (RDI) activities have been put in place in order to protect water resources. Despite these efforts, many regions in Europe still face water scarcity and/or water quality problems. Climate change, groundwater over-abstraction and diffuse pollution are, among others, the main factors influencing water availability and quality. If no action is taken, their impact will be even greater in the years to come. Guaranteeing a sustainable supply of good-quality water should be a priority for the European society. Both policy and RDI activities should, therefore, contribute to this aim. Water supply for the development of different activities (agriculture, energy production, public services, etc.) also needs to be ensured to benefit the economic prosperity of Europe. It is in this context that the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) ‘Water Challenges for a Changing World’ (the Water JPI) has defined its grand challenge as ‘achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad.

This will be realised through a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes economic, ecological, societal and technological considerations. This JPI mobilises existing national and regional RDI programmes and aims to harmonise their research agendas. It defines common research needs and develops joint activities that will increase efficiency by avoiding duplication across Europe. The Water JPI provides an opportunity for broader cross-border cooperation, greater collaboration and a more unified focus on water RDI across Europe. It must be remembered that the European water sector has a wide diversity of stakeholders and is highly fragmented: water resources, water supply and wastewater have often been locally managed.

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
BiodivRestore Transnational Cofund Call 2020-2021 two-stages 05/10/2020 07/12/2020 03/05/2021  

Funded: 22

2nd AquaticPollutants Joint Call 2020 one-stage 17/02/2020   04/06/2020

Submitted: 3


Successful: 1

Funded: 1

1st AquaticPollutants Joint Call 2020 two-stages 17/02/2020 18/05/2020

Submitted: 184


Submitted: 53


Successful: 45

Funded: 18

Water JPI 2018 Joint Call Closing the Water Cycle Gap two-stages 19/02/2018 24/04/2018

Submitted: 105


Submitted: 45


Funded: 18

2016 JOINT CALL: Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture, forestry and freshwater aquaculture sectors two-stages 16/02/2016 19/04/2016

Submitted: 197


Submitted: 59


Funded: 21

WaterWorks 2014 Cofunded Call two-stages 02/03/2015 04/05/2015

Submitted: 106

14/09/2015 30/11/2015

Funded: 16

Water JPI Pilot Call one-stage 01/11/2013   19/12/2013

Submitted: 64


Successful: 7

Funded: 7