Project: Optimized Mobility as a Service

Acronym OptiMaaS (Reference Number: 14816057)
Duration 01/09/2018 - 28/02/2021
Project Topic OptiMaaS aims at reducing congestion through better multimodal, environmentally friendly mobility services in the urban periphery and improving the social acceptance of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offers. Existing spatial structures within the urban periphery have a big impact on the citizens' mobility options. OptiMaaS develops new methods and processes addressing the needs of public and private mobility actors to provide optimized MaaS offers. The first specific objective is to identify changing requirements and novel solution paths for planning better MaaS offers in the urban periphery thus setting up an adequate MaaS-operator-landscape. The second objective is to generate Mobility Labs on individualized MaaS-interface-communication strategies focusing diverse social patterns within the urban periphery. Thirdly we will develop new simulation techniques for evaluating the impact of dynamic incentives and pricing as well as personalized MaaS-routing policies on the mobility system as a whole. Mobility-Labs (physical and/or virtual) in Vienna, Salzburg, Oslo and Brussels will evaluate the impact of different strategies on city planning policies, new business models, cooperation of public and private mobility actors and user acceptance of individualized MaaS offers.
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Network JPI Urban Europe
Call Making Cities Work

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 tbw research GesmbH Coordinator Austria
2 Institute of Transport Economics TØI Partner Norway
3 Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Partner Austria
4 UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH Partner Austria
5 MO.Point Mobilitätsservices GmbH Partner Austria
6 Upstream - next level mobility GmbH Partner Austria
7 Ruter As Partner Norway
8 WIENER LINIEN GmbH & Co KG Partner Austria