Enhancing European Coordination for National Research Programmes in the Area of Security at Major Events

Basic Information


Capitalising on the existing EU-SEC II platform of cooperation, THE HOUSE gathers a wide Consortium of 24 national public end-users. The main Consortiums goal is to achieve a harmonised implementation approach to security research in the field of Major Events in Europe via the European House of Major Events Security (the House). The coordinated research resulting from the application of the House coordination tools/methodologies to specific Major Events in Europe will benefit the partners in terms of provision of a common European taxonomy, planning and evaluation standards elaborated to respond to the specific needs of the security end-users groups. In addition, THE HOUSE will foster the advancement towards the adoption of a common policing approach across Europe and will facilitate the practical implementation of the most recent EU policies in the field, such as the Stockholm Programme. As a complementary action, the proposed Consortium envisages studying the most appropriate framework to render the House a long lasting European tool and seeks to identify a European Coordinator for Major Events.

Research fields covered by the network

  • Security and Defence

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