Networking, co-ordination, co-operation and integration of national programmes in the field of the Sustainable Enterprise “SUSPRISE”

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In recent years, a number of European Council Meetings have called for member state co-operation to achieve sustainable development. In this context, EU policies in the field of a sustainable industrial development are the IPPC, IPP, ETAP and FP6 initiatives. In line with this EU-policy, a wide range of regional and national programmes has been put in place. The diversity of these national and EU programmes and policies calls for a strong coherent strategy, as they all face similar issues to solve sustainability problems. This is exactly the focal area where the ERA-NET "the Sustainable Enterprise" (SUSPRISE) has its impact. The SUSPRISE objective is to strengthen European efforts to realise a sustainable development in industry by enhancing European co-ordination and co-operation of national sustainability RTD programmes. The project will: - set up a continuous, structured and systematic exchange of national programme information; - benchmark, co-ordinate and synchronise national programme features towards a common programme design and towards a common programme implementation strategy for industry and research infrastructure; - identify and analyse aspects that encourage or hinder mutual opening of national programmes; - establish a framework for a joint programme. Project deliverables include a.o. a common knowledge base on the state of the art of the programmes involved, common programme design cases (evaluation, monitoring and project criteria), common target group implementation cases (sectoral RTD, cross-cutting RTD and non-technical), a high-level integration conference and a framework for a joint programme, including an ex-ante evaluation. The SUSPRISE consortium consists of 16 partners from 9 EU member states. Novem (the Netherlands) is co-ordinator. The consortium brings in 15 national RTD programmes. The duration of the project will be 5 years.

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