Project: Participatory Hub for Effective Mapping, Acceleration and Capitalization and of EU-MPC NEXUS best practices

Acronym PHEMAC
Project Topic Too often, projects’ results remain at scientific level and fail to sufficiently establish a connection between public and private sector due to different hindering factors. To face this challenge, PHEMAC aims to develop and disseminate an interactive platform to profile best practices of previous and ongoing projects and initiatives related to farming system, water and food in MED region. PHEMAC will exploit the legacies of 5TOI_4EWAS(H2020 project) to continue the mapping process and update with new content to identify additional results to be validated and classified in terms of exploitability and market maturity. Once identified results more adapted to commercialization according to PRIMA SRIA priorities, it will be facilitated the connection between researchers and private investors to ensure viable commercialization plans and final impacts on the ground. Such interaction will be supported through a combined strategy aimed to enhance the level of cooperation between research and investors. This will include the setup of an innovation support help-desk to facilitate successful replication of catalogued and validated best practices in EU-MPC region, together with organized innovation weeks, hackathon events or go2market support activities. The uniqueness feature of PHEMAC relays on its innovative methodological approach, state of the art STI informatics lab with data-mining & high-tech analytical tools to support the establishment of the platform with distinctive characteristics and automated-interaction-response. PHEMAC relies on the innovation intelligence expertise among consortium, having industry and tech-parks on the driving seat for development. PHEMAC has linkages to most resourceful initiatives in the region (i.e access to largest worldwide digital library of scientific materials, Egyptian Knowledge Bank, 5TOI platform and datasets, Moroccan industry interface platform, The-Next-Society platform, AGORA) where PHEMAC partners played a significant role.
Network PRIMA
Call Section 1 Call 2019 - Nexus 2019 (Coordination & Support Action)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 Academy of Science Research and Technology, ASRT Partner Egypt
3 Egyptian Center for Innovation & Technology Development, ECITD Partner Egypt
4 Arts & Métiers Accélération, AmA Partner France
6 NET7 SRL, NET8 Partner Italy
7 iPark at Royal Scientific Society, RSS Partner Jordan
8 Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, IFI Partner Lebanon
9 Berytech Foundation, Berytech Partner Lebanon
10 Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, USMBA Partner Morocco
11 Chamber of the Commerce of the Center, CCIC Partner Tunisia
12 EcoPark Borj-Cedria, TBC Partner Tunisia