Project: Development and Evaluation of Photonic Sensor Components for Coastal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment of Marine Recourses

Acronym DEEP SEA (Reference Number: PS-2016_02)
Duration 01/09/2018 - 30/08/2020
Project Topic We believe that the protection and sustainable use of marine resources require a better understanding of our oceans and marine ecosystems. Sea related human activities and the fact that almost 50 % of the European population is living within a range of less than 50 km to the coast are calling to intensify our efforts on a broad European basis. And, the Global Change is demandingly increasing these challenges. Thus, in order to ensure a balance between social development and the longterm protection of our livelihoods, new strategies and technologies are needed to consequently improve the monitoring and assessment of processes and process dynamics in nature. At this point, photonics and optical sensors as well as increasingly sophisticated sensor components divulge interesting opportunities to overcome this lack. Our aim, and the factor that motivates us, is to investigate the feasibility of such pioneering photonic sensing approaches and turn them into an actionable optical sensor probe by combining the consortiums expertise ranging from optical sensor development and ocean engineering to fishery research and marine aqua culture. Therefore, turbidity, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and carbon dioxide (CO2) shall be measured with advanced optical methods and integrated into an in-situ sensor probe for direct feedback, online measurements and decision-making procedures. We want to improve existing systems, to enhance the data quality and to accelerate technological developments not only in the field of photonics and photonic sensing but also in applied environmental research and management of our natural resources.
Network PhotonicSensing
Call Photonics based sensing

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 University of Rostock Coordinator Germany
2 Kompass GmbH Partner Germany
3 Ege University Partner Turkey