Project: Autologous neurovascular cell ecosystems (ANCE) to repair ischemic stroke in mice, primates and humans

Acronym ANCE4STROKE (Reference Number: NEURON_CV-096)
Project Topic More than a 100 million people suffer the consequences of stroke worldwide, yet without an approved treatment. We have developed a therapy based on autologous neurovascular cell ecosystems (ANCE). These neural ecosystems can integrated into the damaged cerebral regions, and medite significant improvement of skilled hand function in nonhuman primates (NHP). We hypothesize that ANCE improves blood brain barrier tightness and angiogenesis, supports tissue repair, promotes motor cortex reorganization, and improves functional recovery after stroke. Here, we propose to leverage the respective strengths of our consortium to address the following aims: Aim 1: Investigate the barrier and angiogenesis function-promoting properties of ANCE in 2D/3D in vitro assays. Aim 2: Quantify the integration of ANCE perilesionally using dynamic vascular flow and neuronal dynamics in the sensorimotor cortex in mice. Aim 3: Demonstrate that ANCE mediates tissue repair, sensorimotor reorganization and functional recovery in mice, NHPS, and humans following stroke. Therapies developed in rodent models often fail in clinical trials. We aim to bridge this translational gap with the detailed understanding of the mechanisms through which ANCE promotes tissue repair and functional recovery in rodents, NHPs and humans, using both in vitro and in vivo assays. We believe that the advantages of autologous transplantations combined with our detailed assessments of their biological and functional properties.
Network NEURON Cofund2
Call Neuron Cofund2 Joint Call 2022

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Departement des neurosciences cliniques Coordinator Switzerland
2 Ctre for interdisciplinary research in biology Partner France
3 Faculty of medecine and health sciences Partner Spain
4 SV BMI UPCOURTINE Center for Neuroprosthetics Partner Switzerland