Project: Core Shell Biocomposite Fibers for Medical Applications

Aims This project aim is to design novel composite surgical hernia meshes with a special designed biocompatible surface layer composed of: Nano Cellulose Crystals (NCC), human recombinant collagen (rhCollagen), and eventually PLA/PGA copolymer. This innovative approach will answer the need for a biocompatibilised textile monofilament product with high mechanical strength that can be used to develop novel hernia mesh structures with high regenerative capability which have become a real need due to the long time failure and complications that are associated with the synthetic meshes that are currently in use.Objectives 1. Produce biocomposite formulations with superior biocompatibility properties and long term interaction in living organism. 2. Application of the biocomposite formulations via extrusion and coating applications into functionalised monofilaments, with appropriate mechanical properties and thermal behaviour. 3. Fabricate model meshes using different technologies e.g. weaving, knitting, non-woven fabrication and evaluate their physical and structural performance (objectives 3 and 4 of the pre-proposal merged). 4. Evaluate the efficiency of best performing meshes from the stages above in small animal hernia models. Expected outcomes In the US hernia treatment account for almost $2.5 billion in yearly health care expenditures for a similar incidence of hernia surgeries annually compared to Europe therefore it is clear that hernia treatment is a large market for introducing advanced products. New biocomposite meshes based on biopolymer formulations with improved biocompatibility will allow the expansion of this new market segment and can give the sector tremendous opportunities to be competitive on international markets and present real chance for EU SMEs and research institutes to become pioneers and leaders in the field.

Acronym COLCOMP (Reference Number: BBM-1969)
Project Topic Bio-based and bio-inspired materials
Network MATERA+
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Coordinator Israel
2 Luxilon Industries NV Partner Belgium
3 Centexbel Partner Belgium