Project: Advanced Multiscale Stress Based NDE

In the project AMUSED (Advanced MUlti-scale Strain basEd non-Destructive evaluation) a technology demonstrator will be developed incorporating strain and thermal measurements with a remote loading device. The potential of integrating three different optical strain measurement techniques into a system that can be used in the field for Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) will be demonstrated. The materials focus is on fibre reinforced polymer composites and their interfaces with other materials. The aim is to define and quantify unique characteristics based on strain related metrics that allows the remaining life of the component to be determined. To achieve this, the following key objectives have been set:Definition of material behaviour from the micro to the macroscale to understand the failure initiators and link these to the measures of strain obtained at a structural scale.Development of strain measurement approaches based on infra-red thermography (IRT), coherent and white light optical techniques so that they can be used in the field.Definition of a means of remote loading that produces sufficient local strain changes to permit the strain measurement.Development of an approach by using strain measurement and knowledge enabled process engineering to provide an integrated structural assessment (i.e. one stop shop) methodology improving on the current fragmented approach of NDE, stress analysis, modelling and service life assessment, therefore reducing costs and lead times.The outcome will be a new means for assessing structural performance linking the material behaviour with remnant life to provide a more sustainable approach to design and quality of in-service assessments than that offered by any existing single technique. Decisions regarding timely repair and replacement will be enabled that reduce material usage, increase reuse and minimise waste. The commercialisation opportunities are huge, with potential applications in the transportation, energy and civil engineering sectors.

Acronym AMUSED (Reference Number: ESM-1909)
Project Topic Engineering structural materials
Network MATERA+
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Enabling Process Technologies Limited Coordinator United Kingdom
2 University of Southampton Partner United Kingdom
3 Airbus (UK) Partner United Kingdom
4 GE Aviation Partner United Kingdom
5 FLIR Systems Ltd Partner United Kingdom
6 Airbus España, S.L Partner Spain
7 LaVision UK Ltd Partner United Kingdom
8 Eigenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt Partner Switzerland
9 AWE plc Partner United Kingdom
10 Carbo Link GmbH Partner Switzerland
11 Evolutionary Engineering AG Partner Switzerland