Project: Towards Artificial Intelligent Maintenance System (AIMS) via Predictive Failure Modelling and Numerical simulation

Acronym TAIFUN (Reference Number: MarTERA-2019_11)
Duration 01/07/2020 - 30/06/2023
Project Topic The aim is to develop intelligent predictive maintenance systems and decision support systems for coatings of marine structures. The project consists of four main technical developments: Laboratory investigation of correlation between environmental parameters and coating degradation to fill the holes in our current understanding, the development of acoustic sensors for monitoring coating degradation. Inspection of atmospheric coatings is achieved by photo, aided by drones, the development of a neural network (AI) for analysing sensor data, picture data and simulation data on coating degradation and the development of a model to predict the coating degradation rate and corrosion from the current state, and future need for coating maintenance. TAIFUN will start at TRL4 with the goal to achieve TRL6 where the modelling approach will be tested, calibrated, verified and validated on damage scenarios defined by industrial partners. The general objective of the project is to support safety of marine steel constructions and workforce in a cost effective way by making better decisions about coating maintenance. Emphasis is on implementing the smart digital approach into decision making. The project also aims to create a stimulating an interdisciplinary partnership, with actors from the research institutions and private sector across borders, promoting the exchange of ideas, methods, techniques as well as enabling an accelerated technology transfer from science to industrial scale and a continuous collaboration between the partners. The suggested program addresses a series of interlinking technologies and fundamental science,with the objective to improve safety and economic competitiveness of the European maritime industry.
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Network MarTERA
Call MarTERA Call 2019

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 SINTEF Industry Coordinator Norway
2 Helmut Schmidt University Partner Germany
3 Jotun Partner Norway
4 develogic GmbH Partner Germany
5 Zensor Partner Belgium