Project: High quality low thermal curing CEramic-LIke Coating: Innovative formulation and Application technique

Acronym CELICIA (Reference Number: MNET20/NMAT-3838)
Duration 01/12/2020 - 01/12/2022
Project Topic This proposal is related to the industrial application of novel functional materials to medium-small size substrates, the study of the best technique for each combination coating/substrate and the optimization of the process. A big challenge when working with novel and functional materials is its industrialization, to transfer it from the laboratory to a mass production line. Companies find difficulties, not only related to the scale, but also with the optimization of resources and processes. Besides, it is usual the lack of interest of big companies for trying a new product or formulation, when an optimization process for each line requirements is needed. It is remarkable that is common to have a chemical company having developed a novel material, but without the means to develop a coating system, and it is also frequent to have engineering companies with a lack of knowledge of the needs of this kind of processes from the chemical point of view. This project will deal with the implementation of an automated system to provide coatings in a continuous way, and with the necessary equipment to provide a quality measurement of the coating in terms of thicknesses and functionality.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Nadetech Innovations Coordinator Spain
2 ESIX Surface Technologies Partner Belgium
3 Materia Nova Partner Belgium