Project: Development of innovative equipment for the fabrication and validation of metallic pieces including Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing and advanced Non-Destructive Testing technology

Acronym WAMECH (Reference Number: MNET20/ADDI-3834)
Duration 01/01/2021 - 01/01/2023
Project Topic The main objective is designing and validating some innovative equipment for the fabrication of metallic pieces based on WAAM, including a special NDT system for validation based on vision techniques. This technology has several advantages, including the versatility of pieces to be fabricated resulting in multiple possible final applications. Thus, a specific demand related to off-shore pieces has been selected in order to validate the project concept and the technology. LAC is in charge of the WAAM equipment (fabrication) and LINQcase is in charge of the NDT equipment (validation). Increasing the innovation and the added-value of the project, the off-shore application requires a specific protective nanocoating for suitable performance, so the fabricated samples will be coated and validated, resulting in a more complete global process. One key aspect of this project is the advanced synergy generated from the different technologies (mechanical, visual and chemical) that are joined in the same production system. Each part of the process is fully connected with the other, and each technology empowers the innovation of the rest.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Stiching LAC Coordinator Netherlands
2 LINQcase Industrial Solutions SL Partner Spain