Project: Smart inspection system for the optimisation of the pig slaughtering, cutting and deboning operations

Acronym OPTICUT (Reference Number: MNET19/OTHR-3707)
Project Topic The slaughtering sector in the EU28 plays a key role in the meat industry. It embraces over 3,300 pig abattoirs, which process yearly 252 million pig carcasses, and generate a turnover of €73b. In a context of strong market competitiveness, and driven by the demand of meat processors, abattoirs are developing new strategies to improve their product segmentation, and the consistency of their product quality. In particular, pre-classified raw meat parts free of quality defects is being increasingly demanded by elaborators of cooked and dry-cured meat products. OPTICUT aims to develop a commercial solution to perform an objective assessment of the commercial value of the primal cuts, to optimise the value of their products, to create spefic product segments for different markets, and to meet customers requirements. This Manunet project aims to scale-up and validate the OPTICUT technology to achieve a TRL8, prior to commercialization. OPTICUT represents a unique business opportunity for the lead users of this project to boost sales and access international markets, and for end-users partners to maxime the value of their products.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 GM Steel Fabricators Limited Partner Ireland
2 Lenz Instruments S.L Coordinator Spain