Project: Robotized mOuldiNg of carboN fIbre prEpreg

Acronym RONNIE (Reference Number: MNET19/ADMA-3660)
Project Topic RONNIE aims at developing a robotised moulding cell, capable of automatically laminating carbon fibre reinforcements that have been pre-impregnated (prepreg) with activated resin. Thanks to specific grippers and an artificial vision system, RONNIE will start from the roll of raw material, cut, shape, align, mould and perform accurate quality control on prepreg laminates. RONNIE will overcome the bottlenecks of manual moulding, addressing high performance and repetitive productions with an unreached quality level. RONNIE will be a flexible system that does not require customisation to specific geometries and can process different parts with basic reprogramming. RONNIE will exploit advanced manufacturing technologies: positioning and quality control of laminates based on artificial vision system, advanced gripper capable of passively deforming plies by copying the required geometry, and autonomous mechatronic architecture storing prepreg rolls, cutting laminates and laminating plies with multiple tools.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Canonical Robots Partner Spain
2 People Lab S.r.l. Coordinator Italy
3 Viska Automation Systems Ltd. Partner Ireland