Project: Orthopaedic Implants with Advanced Mechanical Properties and High Osseointegrative Interfaces

Acronym OIAMPHOI (Reference Number: MNET19/NMAT-3628)
Project Topic The project provides advanced solution with powerful societal impact by developing orthopaedic implants from a new biomaterial (Gum alloy type, with advanced mechanical properties and osseoinductive surface), with a high service life (over 20 years), and aimed to remove largely the surgical reintervention. For achieving project goals, scientific activities will be developed concerning the following aspects: design of the alloy composition; alloy synthesis; study of the alloy deformability; advanced thermo-mechanical alloy processing by Severe Plastic Deformation; osseoinductive coatings deposition by sol-gel method; complex chemical, structural and mechanical characterization of the as-cast/processed alloy and coatings; advanced characterization by electrochemical studies to assess the corrosion behaviour of the alloy and of the coatings; in vitro characterization of alloy and coatings by bioactivity and biodegradation tests to evaluate their osseointegration abilities; finally, demonstration and validation of the technologies obtained within the project. In addition, the project aims to demonstrate the applicability of the research results by a technical-economic analysis.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies Partner Romania
2 OCHOA Maquinaria SL Partner Spain
3 R&D Consulting and Services Partner Romania
4 University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Coordinator Romania