Project: Optimization of the machining of composite stacks with a 6-axis robot and new cutting tools

Acronym MachStack (Reference Number: MNET19/ICT-3647)
Project Topic Composite materials and stacks are heavily used in high performance demanding sectors such as aeronautics and energy. Although a common operation, machining of composites is still however not mastered due to their high mechanical properties. It is even more complex for stacks as several materials of different natures are cut in one single operation with the same tool. Based on the good results obtained during the Manunet 2016 MachComp project and the efficient collaboration between the partners, this project will address several new challenges that were highlighted during it. The milling tools developed during MachComp will be optimized and new dedicated drilling, gun drilling and countersinking tools for stacks will be developed with a focus on the avoidance (reduction) of material damage. Innovative modelling of the complex 3D stack cutting process will be carried out in combination with experimental tests on 5-axis milling machines and 6-axis machining robots to support the tools development. The quality of the parts produced with the robot will be increased through mainly a better control of the part position and the toolpaths, in addition to the use of the developed tools.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Sobelcomp Coordinator Belgium
2 University of Mons Partner Belgium
3 Zubiola Partner Spain