Project: An Advanced Interface for Analysis of Distributed Automation

Acronym AIDA (Reference Number: MNET19/ICT-3680)
Project Topic AIDA will provide an advanced interface for the analysis and development of distributed automation systems, intended to support computer-intensive applications in industrial domains. It aims to achieve a demonstrable improvement in the quality and cost of development and operation of manufacturing systems by automating the process of requirements gathering and analysis. AIDA will test the synergy of available techniques for natural language processing and formal verification in several domains, through collaboration between SMEs, industry stakeholders and academic community. An important area of application is process improvement in the life cycle of cyber-physical systems such as automation for process control and manufacturing. The strategic goal is to foster adoption of these methods for components embedded in automated systems where emerging regulations are enforced. AIDA will evaluate several techniques with industrial and business organizations interested in their exploitation, so as to test, measure the impact and assess the market perspective for such an innovation. Pilots will be run in the food processing industry and in a chip component factory.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Emisfera Società Cooperativa Coordinator Italy
2 Noldus Information Technology BV Partner Netherlands