Project: Integrated ROBOtic System for Carbon Fibre Composites Finishing Operations

Acronym ROBO (Reference Number: MNET17/NMCS-0116)
Duration 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019
Project Topic Project aim is to develop a robotic solution that integrates in a flexible automated production system more phases of the final production cycle of the components manufactured by Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC). Fabrica Machinale (FM) has the mechatronics and robotics skills required to identify a modular and flexible solution able to sustain the growth process of this industrial sector composed mainly by small companies subcontractors. In fact the current production approach (mainly manual) is not compatible with the strong growth of CFC components demand coming from the automotive, aerospace, transport. The project partners of FM are: BERCELLA, Italian SME skilled in CFC components production; MELTON (ES) and ERO (IT) companies, skilled in gluing systems (gluing is a critical stage in the final process of the CFC components production). The prototype of the multifunctional robotic working cell, developed by ROBO project, will be installed at BE premises. Given the potential global demand and the low current competition level, we expect to gain a new business of 18 - 24 M€ in the five years after project end.
Call Manunet Call 2017

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Bercella s.r.l. Partner Italy
2 Fabrica Machinale s.r.l. Coordinator Italy
3 MELTON Partner Spain