Project: Study of the thermal loading, dynamics and friction of automotive disc brakes and inductrial clutchs, studying occurrence of squeal noise

The proposal covers the study of the friction, thermal loading and dynamics of brakes and clutches trying to improve the performance and eliminate the squeal noise. The project is a collaboration from Slovak Republik and Basque Country, The Slovak companies will focus their work on brakes and the Basque Institutions in industrial clutches. During the project it is intended to understand the interrelationship between the friction and the squeal phenomena, at different working conditions and temperatures. The possibility to combine partners manufacturing final components brakes, clutches and braking pads, together with research institutes and Universities with a large experience in testing and simulation, made this project very challenging in terms of achieving project objectives.

Duration 01/01/2013 - 31/12/2015
Project Topic Other technologies/products related to the manufacturing field
Call MANUNET Call 2012

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Slovak university of technology in Bratislava Coordinator Slovakia
2 FRENOCAR, s.r.o. Partner Slovakia
3 KNOTT, s.r.o. Partner Slovakia
4 GOIZPER S. COOP. Partner Spain