Project: Development of an Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Personal Watercraft

Several areas limit the access of boats and watercrafts to MPAs for ecological reasons, commonly because of the pollution generated by their traditional propulsion systems. Besides in navigation there are strong restrictions for the accommodation of petrol engine vehicles on the hold of the boat for security issues. The aim of this project is the development of an eco-compatible propulsion system coupled with a very compact storage system for energy, in a maxi personal watercraft. The main advantages generated by the development of the E-WAVE PWC will be the following: • High efficiency personal watercraft with electric propulsion system with virtually zero emission and zero noise. • Innovative high power compact energy storage system. • Stimulation of eco-tourism and responsible travel to fragile, pristine and protected areas. • Overcome of the limitation on PWC storage within the boat hold for safety issues.

Acronym E-WAVE
Duration 01/01/2013 - 31/12/2014
Project Topic Environmental and energy technologies
Call MANUNET Call 2012

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 SCANNER SRL Coordinator Italy
3 ICPE S.A. Partner Romania