Project: Research and development of an innovative textile brushing industrial process, working by modules, featuring low energy consumption

The project aims at studying, designing, developing and testing on a prototype scale, an innovative textile finishing process based on brushing. Relevant innovative features are introduced in comparison with the traditional process, so that repeatability of the final effect, versatility and saving of energy will be drastically improved. The performance of the new brushing process will not only increase the quality of the finished product for the same production while reducing consumption, but will also allow extend the application of treatment to the most delicate fabrics, including very light and elastic weaves and knits. The consortium is composed by two leading companies with fully complementary expertise and marketing potentials.

Acronym Int-BIP
Duration 01/12/2011 - 30/11/2013
Project Topic Knowledge-based engineering technologies (computer-aided engineering and design, automated manufacturing, product lifetime management, etc.)
Call MANUNET Call 2011

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Toscana Spazzole Industriali S.r.l Coordinator Italy
2 Lafer Tekstil Mak.San.Tic.A.S. Partner Türkiye